Welcome to the Dreamhouse

by Visager x Pussy Power

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My friend and rapper Pussy Power experienced the darkest side of human nature. She asked me to help produce a track that could explain her experience.

Pussy Power shares her story:

"I suffer from severe depression.

When I was in one of my depressed phases, I became an escort for 10 months. I felt so horrible about my body that I thought I needed liposuction in order to not kill myself. Following my experiences as a whore, my biggest fear was that the world would find out and never want to see me again. Now my biggest fear is living my entire life having failed to help those who didn’t escape the Dreamhouse like me.

Would you like to help shatter the Dreamhouse?"

Despite the many important issues that have been discussed this election, there are many more that still fall by the wayside. Sex trafficking is a widespread problem that has a very real presence in the United States. The FBI estimates an annual 293,000 at risk victims in American youths alone.

The suggested price for Welcome to the Dream house is one dollar. 100% of proceeds from this track will go to Polaris Project, a wonderful organization that works with both current and former victims of human trafficking both in the US and abroad. Please help us get the word out about this track to help the many women, children, and men who are affected by human trafficking.

Pussy Power says: "Repost, retweet, reinterpret, draw, paint, sculpt, act, rap, sing anything about this poem that moved you, that makes you feel the Dreamhouse is getting ever more fragile."

For more information on sex trafficking in the US, please visit: www.polarisproject.org/human-trafficking/sex-trafficking-in-the-us. Thank you.

~Visager x Pussy Power


////// LYRICS //////

Welcome to my Dreamhouse
the name’s Candy
Throw a couple bucks I’ll be sure to call ya daddy

Sugar baby when you’re here but I’m also your cashier
one magician in the makin makin your money disappear
with your dick, my worth, and my who what what
I’ll be your dancer in the dark for a two buck fuck

He hands me money with a squeeze cause he knows im not a tease
im a rodent in a labyrinth d-dancing for his cheese

Cause I’m dirty
we know it
but he doesn’t give a shit
while his dick is in my mouth
while his fingers in my slit

Dollar bills on the dresser rays of hope that make me sick
slips the money in my hand like he’s giving me the slip

If haters think I’m slutty I don’t really give a shit
If you’ve never been critical of the johns suck my dick

Then use her hymen as a trophy
Her body as its stand
Her trust to get your dick wet
Her guilt to be a man

How much cash could I cut you if you’d cut me at the wrists
How many dudes did Candy screw to screw me up like this
Musician in the makin but I only know one trick
play the note/ a lonely bullet and the music of its click

Welcome to my dreamhouse/ Isn’t it lovely?
Semen stiffened sheets with a light bulb hung above me
Show fluorescent Act pleasant while I’m really hating you
With each seemingly arousing piece of shit thing that you do

If I’m acting, you’re playing, and the game is twisted up
Not so innocent or playful as the skirts you’ve lifted up
Not so happy as I’m acting or the girl you fucked before
Not so innocent when you could be the daddy of the whore

You’ve always liked ‘em young, you say it’s evolution
men will always need an easy out like prostitution [liar]
I could just agree and be the Candy you’ve adored
but I could be the devil turning daughters into whores

Sinners are the pigment/ Devil is the paint
No matter how you color her I’m painting white the slate
Black and blue and violet colors swirling up her soul
Know I am the devil coloring the hope you stole

How much money would I make you if you’d machete my wrists
How much cash could I give you to stop having thoughts like this
How much effort could i spend to escape these dreamy walls
in which the dreams of little kids deflate like blow up dolls


Welcome to the Dreamhouse.
Isn’t it frumpy?
sprays of cum on sheet reflect
a light that’s strung up above me
so fluorescent
how pleasant
it’s noosed and hung itself
like the hope I felt when I could give a fuck about my health

Now seldom in this dreamhouse do dreams occur
when they flutter up then twist and kill themselves like dreaming birds
and the corpses pile high but they never say goodbye
rotten winged little shits always proving I can’t fly

I tell men that I love them/ they know that I am lying
They know I am incapable of anything but buying
The styles for my greed the ganja for my head
I got so many needs I had my roses painted red

Magician in the makin but my tricks aren’t in my sleeve
I’m naked in the bed while he’s wanting me to leave
He’s slowly tracing hollow curves with bitten fingernails
Thinking how he’ll flee because he knows this is a jail

if there weren’t other dudes then that wouldn't be as cruel
If there were other dudes then I wouldn't fuck with you
If you had any dreams then they’d drop like flies too
If my nightmares are a dream, then my dreams are coming true

Welcome to the Dreamhouse


released November 5, 2012
Lyrics - Pussy Power
Prod. by Visager




Visager Brooklyn, New York

Visager is a 26 year old video game composer and sound designer living in Brooklyn, NY. For custom music or sounds for your own project contact visagermusic at gmail dot com.

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