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Aaron Faucher In this delightfully eclectic debut, Visager showcases nuance and subtlety in composition, harmony, mixing, and sonic texture. Pop it in your car and enjoy the ride through this innovative collage of synths and samples. Favorite track: Lungs.
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Heap is a mix of ideas, genres, memories, influences, instrumentation, samples, recordings, and disguises.

All sounds recorded or sampled by Visager, 2013


released February 26, 2013

Thanks to Sam Gutelle and Drigan Lee for putting up with living next to a recording studio. Thanks to Pride and Joy, the Motosurfer, the incredible Our Ladies ladies, and many other friends for invaluable feedback as these songs grew up. Thanks to all my friends and my family for your love and support.

Banana Squid Records




Visager Brooklyn, New York

Visager is a 26 year old video game composer and sound designer living in Brooklyn, NY. For custom music or sounds for your own project contact visagermusic at gmail dot com.

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Track Name: Turn These Awful Hands Into Hooves

Turn these awful hands into hooves,
and I will never learn how to shoot.

I remember that day
I took walk through the forest
and tucked myself away
Still I'm trying to find that day

So I'm trying to tuck myself away

So I'm trying
Still I'm trying
So I'm trying
Still I try
Track Name: I'm Sorry (The Ballad of DVD and Streaming)
LYRICS >><??

We had almost dated for a year
When doubt began to whisper in my ear
'You've got it good' they told me
'You're just upset don't worry' -
Talk about the weather.
But there was still that nagging,
That something leaving me hanging
Wasn't gonna get better

So I told the tides 'tear me away'

Now we're placed a thousand miles away
And it's definitely healthier that way
Sometimes there's still that nagging
But generally it's passing,
Like a Sunday Morning
I've got it good they tell me,
No need to oversell me
Tides have yet to bore me

So I told the tides 'tear me away'
Track Name: Yeah Yeah, No No No
LYRICS: °‚‚‹‹———˜<<

This is the part where the rapping starts, yeah
The one and only song where I will feature this art
I didn’t want to do it, for the fear of going through it
Cause I’m not a real rapper just a kid with some heart

But, you know we’re gonna have a great time tonight
Despite the fact that repping really gives me a fright
I thought I’d find a friend who would be willing in the end
Couldn’t book one but I’ll tell ya that I barely even tried

So here’s a great example of the things that bind us,
The fickle indecision that will surely find us
You can’t do something new, for the fear of falling through
The invisible trap doors we leave behind us

We are currently arriving at the end of the verse
I hope you like it now better than at first
Should I keep going, or stop here knowing
that forward progress might just be reverse?

yeah yeah no no no
I said yeah yeah no no no
This indecision has got to go
I said yeah yeah no no no

Lemme tell ya something that’s been on my mind
It’s been nipping at my brainstem for the longest time
What is hesitation? And in a situation,
What is it that takes our brains offline?

I read about a hundred people on a plane
They thought their lives were relatively sane
Till the ceiling ripped right off them, this doesn’t happen often
But what would you do if you met the same

Most of them just sat calmly wondering why
Now, and not before, they could see the sky
Some started to unbuckle, while others merely chuckled
But in the end just ten made it alive

My point is indecision is a binding path
It keeps us seeking normal, status quo will last
But if you only step out, just stick your little neck out
You’ll find your mind will do the things you ask
Track Name: Home Overgrown
Home it's like a city that's overgrown
I'm coming down with the feeling that's going round

Somebody help me up
Somebody help me up
I'm down in the heap
Drowning in deep water please will

Somebody lift me up
Somebody lift me up
I'm down in the heap
knee deep and the water's rising

Somebody help me up // I've lost everything I had
Somebody help me up
I'm down in the heap // but I still believe in good
Drowning in deep water please will

Somebody lift me up // Lend my hand to someone else
Somebody lift me up
I'm down in the heap // and together we'll get home
knee deep in the water take me

In the heap we are alone,
But together, together we will find our own
This place called home
Yes together, together we will find our own
This place called home

and and memories
there's no replacing
Track Name: Snofall
LYRICS /\/\¨¨Í∏/\∏

It was early January
Snow was falling, falling heavy
And I went out looking in the dark, For you

Green grass grows on charcoal hills,
Now washed white, forever still
Searching in the moonlit darkness for you, For you

I lost you by the overlook
Your footprints vanished in the white
Shadows fall to either side where I lost you, I lost you

I lost you by the overlook
Bitter wind whipped at my eyes
Forever starting at the site where I lost you, I lost you

It was late in February
Blizzard stopped, but still I'm staring
Waited for the snow to clear to find you, to find you

But I never left the house
Never tried, never went out
Never fought the cold again to find you, to find you

Now it's March and winter's through
New grass pushes through the snow
And I don't know the place where I can
Find you
Track Name: Lungs
LYRICS ====~~

She lies motionless in bed
Smoldering like a cigarette
And I could tear myself away
If loving was a choice to make

She's smoking,
I'm breathing
Her air in as it's leaving
Her lungs are
So beaten
No words for what I'm seeing

Holding her lighter to the wind
Love is the drug that pulls me in
And I'd know the risks I take
If loving was a choice to make