Ether​.​net EP

by Caeto Moon + Visager

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Aaron Faucher
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Aaron Faucher A compact yet expansive experiment in voice, wriggling with earworms that will keep you humming long after your first listen! Kudos to Caeto + Visager Favorite track: Closst (Establishing).
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Songs made long distance between friends. Instrumentals originally written separately by Caeto Moon.

Thinking about relationships, negotiations, desire, mysteries, release, dreams, multiverses, dial-up internet, simulations, self-doubt, and perseverance. is also an experiment in voice.


released April 15, 2014

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Production by Caeto Moon
Recording, Additional Production, + All Vocals by Visager

Cover photo taken by Aaron Faucher

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Josie Brechner Brooklyn, New York
Josie Brechner (she/they) is a video game composer and sound designer living in Brooklyn, NY. To work with her contact visagermusic at gmail dot com.

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Track Name: Closst (Establishing)
Someone that I long for
Someone that I long for
Someone that I long for

Give me

Someone that I long for
Someone that I long for
Someone that I long for


I am standing still, at your door
I want to give in, natural
See you still staring, atta girl
Don't let me get too close in fact you will

Run from me until it's farcical
Factual though, still hurts, topical
Analgesic works, cut will heal
Don't let me get too close.
Track Name: Groop (Configuring)
You ever have
a single dream
where you just
let go of everything
that you love in life
you love in life
yeah you let it go away

Become part
of something else
something deep
like continental shelves
yes go with it
just go with it
and the surface spins away

I was turned around
start forget about myself
I was sniffing you out
no regard for mental health
Now, if you'd let me out
I could turn you around too
You'd forget about yourself
Well, that's good enough for me

One time
I watched the moon
shatter in its place
left a void vaccum
as it dragged all the
landmasses from
the Earth into the sky

Still never
figured out
what that kind of dream
is all about
but you go with it
just go with
let it turn you around

I was turned around
Track Name: Halcyon (Communicating)
[indistinct buzzing]
Track Name: Lulu (Uploading)
Lulu, I see you
In my mind's eye
everything falls away
Server cords untangle
When you're here
Is that you?

And everything I feel
It's so simple and clear
Cause I know what's right and this is wrong
Still, I know you're far from gone

So reach down slow
And unplug me
We'll all meet up
In our videolink.
Reach down slow
And unplug me
We'll meet upsteam
In our videolink.


Lulu, I need you
To wipe my archived memories away
Simulation's ending
Now you're here
Is that you?

And at the end of the day
It's your choice to make
In this land of zeroes and ones
You know we got no place to run.
Track Name: Papaya (Ending Connection)
Keep it up, keep it up, don't settle
Keep it up, keep it up, don't let it get you down
Keep it up, keep it up, don't settle
Don't settle, no.

I'm in love for you.

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